Anxiety Killing Questions: Questions to Ask Yourself When you Feel Extremely Anxious

Are you anxious? Worries, stress, and thought patterns often cause anxiety. Life is full of surprises and every now and then, it will throw a curve ball in your direction. Most of the people often find them trapped in the loop of worry and stress. Take some time to rationalize your anxiety. You may end up feeling as if your worries have less power over you. However, there are some questions that can help in instantly cutting through the fog of uneasiness, distress, panic, anxiety and phobia. Here we are providing you with a list of questions to ask yourself when you feel extremely anxious.

What is Causing me to Feel Anxious?: Try to relax and write down your thoughts. This can guide you to your problems, their answers, and solutions. You can at least address the issue directly. Write about how you are feeling. It can make your problems more manageable and tangible. This can also help in giving you a clear picture of your problem and what to address.


What is Real Now?: Is your situation real? Do you have any evidence to support that something is wrong? Do not make yourself surrounded with the ‘what if’ questions. Always remember it is not true until it actually happens. Figure out the chances of its likelihood. There is no need to get stressed about those worries that are not real or is just a figment of the imagination.

Have I Taken any Steps to Make Myself Relaxed?: Give your body some time to relax. You can incorporate some lifestyle changes. Try to maintain a balanced diet, keep yourself hydrated, get ample sleep, exercise, limit your caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol content. Eliminate or reschedule some of your unimportant tasks and spare some extra time to take care of your body.

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Is it a Problem or is it a Fact?: Ask yourself if the reason of your stress is a problem or a fact. If it is problem, then it will certainly have a solution. Figure it out, find a solution and start working on it. If end up having no solution, then it is not a problem, but a fact. You cannot change the fact. It is no point worrying and wrestling with a fact. You will waste your energy if you continue to worry about a fact. What you can do is to stop analyzing and struggling with it and accept it.

Find out if This is My Business: There are times when people find themselves in deep stress due to somebody else’s stress. For instance, if your husband decides to quit his job, you should not nag and wind him up. This will make both of you even more worried and anxious. Instead, make an approach and trust him to own it. Let it be his own business. Support him, give him confidence, and encourage him. Try dropping your anxiety and bring your attention back to your business. Analyze the fact that in this case, being a loving and supportive wife is your business. Taking over your husband’s responsibilities will not help.

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How do I want to Feel Right Now?: It is totally up to you how you want to feel right now. You will certainly like to feel strong and confident, and not trapped and weak. You can also wish to think—I am fine right now. I am just in a transition phase. I am confident and I can trust in my own abilities. You need to feel confident, strong, full of options, choice, and power.


Dealing with anxiety can be very difficult for some people. We have already discussed some of the questions to ask yourself when you feel extremely anxious. Instead, ask yourself some questions and quickly answer them. So, next time, when you find yourself anxious, try asking these above-mentioned questions.