Gain Muscle Mass: Everything You Need to Know About Building Muscle

If you are looking to gain muscle mass, you need to employ a workout strategy designed to increase overall mass and strengthen different parts of your body. However, the secret to building muscle is the nutrition. You need to remember that you are what you eat. It is not necessary that you have to opt for a certain bulk and cut approach to put on muscle. Try eating organic whole foods combined with a proper workout strategy. Here we are providing you some facts associated with gaining muscle.

Eat a Diet that Promotes Muscle Strength

  • Make Sure You Break the Fast. Eating in the morning can set your energy levels for the day, rev up your metabolism, and speeds up muscle growth. Some of the breakfast options may include— Greek yogurt with oats, berries, and vanilla extract, hard-boiled eggs with Ezekiel bread, fruits and cottage cheese, scrambled eggs and veggies etc.


  • Protein helps in building muscle mass. Try eating a lot of protein as your muscles need protein to get bigger and stronger. It is not necessary to fuel all your protein from meat source. You can be creative with the protein sources. Apart from chicken, beef, lean pork, fish, and other meat products, eggs, almonds, walnuts, legumes, veggies, and soy products like tofu can also contribute to your protein intake.
  • Try getting your calories from healthy sources. Avoid fast foods, fried snacks, sugary treats, and other high-calorie and low-nutrition food sources.
  • If you want to build muscles at an optimal rate, you need to drink enough water. The formula is water intake in ounces = bodyweight in lbs x 0.6.
  • Try having 5-6 mini meals rather than 2-3 large meals throughout the day. You can have protein shakes (skimmed milk, banana, peanut butter, and protein powder) for one or two meals.

Small meals

  • Eat the right kind of healthy fats. Monounsaturated fats may include olive, avocado, canola, nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts etc. corn, sunflower seeds and oil, soybeans, flaxseeds are some of the examples of polyunsaturated fats. Omega-3 fats include salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout.
  • Include a multivitamin supplement to your dietary plan. Ask your healthcare provider and find the right option for yourself.
  • Try eating before going to bed. If you have your last meal at 9 pm, go to bed at 11 pm, and sleep until 8 am in the next morning, there would be 11 hours of fasting, which is not good for your muscles. Try having a small protein-based snack before bed.

Use an Effective Workout Strategy

  • Whether it is a simple running session or a high-intensity workout session, start your routine with a low-intensity warm up session. It prepares your body for exercise and prevents injury.
  • Train with high reps. It helps you in building endurance. However, it would not help you build your strength and size. Vary your routine every 4-8 weeks. You can do this by increasing weights or changing exercises.
  • Try working for your whole body to achieve maximum benefits and make your muscles stronger. Giving all the muscle groups equal attention will encourage a balanced training and flexibility. Try squats, deadlifts, rows, presses, and pull-ups. You can divide your sessions to work on the entire body.


  • Do mass-building exercises to put on muscles. You can do squats for your legs, get bigger arms with chin-ups and pull-ups, do bench presses to make your chest bigger, and strengthen your back with deadlifts. Try targeting your abdominal muscles with crunches and core exercises. You can do overhead presses to build your shoulders or perform bent over rows to build your back muscles.
  • Do not forget to include cardio training. It helps improve the blood flow, which is quite necessary for muscle building. You can also switch up your routine by including running, swimming, biking, or any sport that requires you to move constantly.


  • You need to embrace the rest day and get ample sleep. Try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night. Sleep is the time when your body repairs and recovers your muscles. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol for better results.

Do Not Expect Great Results Too Soon

  • One of the most important facts about muscle building is that your muscles will not happen overnight. You need to be patient. Beginners tend to get disheartened after putting their best for weeks and seeing no real improvements.

Whatever be your goals are, follow these simple tips to gain muscle and start addressing your muscle building goals.