Mindless Eating: Ways to Eat Less Without Noticing

It is very important to manage your portions when you are looking for losing weight. What you eat is extremely important, but even healthy food cannot stop you from losing weight if you eat beyond limits. Most of the people are not good at maintaining extreme calorie restriction. But there are some tricks you can use to reduce the amount of food you eat regularly. Our brain is more responsive to the external cues like an empty plate as compared to the internal ones like a full stomach. Let us discuss some of the ways to eat less without noticing.


Ways to Eat Less Without Noticing

  • Preload Yourself: If you are planning to go out for a dinner, preload yourself by eating a 200-calorie snack containing at least 15 grams of protein half-an-hour before you leave. With quite a full stomach and fewer hunger hormones moving around, you are less likely to consume too much of calories at a restaurant.
  • Use Smaller Plates: When you serve a proper portion size of food on a large plate, the quantity tends to appear smaller. However, if you serve the same portion on a smaller plate, the quantity of food will appear more as the dish is full. This is one of the great tricks to eat less without feeling bad. Similarly, using taller glassed have the same effect as using smaller plates. This can effectively reduce your liquid calorie intake.


  • Serve Yourself 20% Less: Trick your mind by removing 20% of your portion. It may sound something huge but it is not. You can eat 80% of your portion you normally eat without even noticing it. For example, if you are having five chicken wings, you can simply remove one.
  • Do not Distract Yourself While Eating: To put it in simple words, distracted eating is overeating. TVs, computers, and other electronic gadgets can distract you from managing your portions. Watching TV or scrolling down the Facebook stories may lead you to overeat without even noticing. Try to take 20 minutes off to sit down and have a proper meal.

Distracted eating

  • Chew your Food Thoroughly: According to a survey, most of the people do not chew their foods properly before swallowing it. Chewing your food thoroughly is one of the best ways to eat less. Research indicates that chewing food for a thoroughly can help in speeding up the release of gut hormones associated with feeling satisfied.
  • Have a Breakfast Packed with Protein: Now when there has been a lot of talking about not skipping the breakfast, people love to have anything in their breakfast. However, the fact is only breakfast rich in protein can help in suppressing appetite and reducing subsequent snacking thoughts.


  • Remove Your Snack Temptations: Try removing the unhealthy snacks from your storage cupboards and refrigerator and replace them with healthier options. This simple tip is quite effective. You cannot have anything unhealthy to eat if you do not have that with you.
  • Do not Eat from the Package: Your stomach does not have the ability to count calories. You are more likely to overeat when you cannot see how much you are eating. People tend to lose track and consume double or may be even more amount of food. Try using a plate, a bowl, or even a tissue paper if you do not have any plates. Apart from this, try to avoid canned, processed and pre-packaged foods. These foods are loaded with refined sugars and salt, which can trigger hunger and lead to bodily malfunction. Try opting for natural, organic, and non-processed foods.


Due to the mindless margin, people tend to eat more than they should. However, you can also use the same concept to influence your behavior and eating habit and mindlessly eat less. Try out these ways to eat less without noticing and surprise yourself by shedding those extra pounds.