Unconventional Weight Loss Tactics to Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight is no cakewalk. If you have already tried to shed those extra pounds, you know that it can be a real struggle. You must have tried everything from crazy diet charts, grueling workout regimen, supplements and pills to managing your portions, and counting calories. Even though weight loss can certainly not happen overnight, but adopting some of the unusual tricks can you that extra edge to materialize your goals.

Here we are providing you with some unconventional weight loss tactics that help you to lose weight fast.

Spend Time in Kitchen and Try to Cook your Meals: One of the most important tricks to lose weight is to ditch pre-packaged and highly processed foods. Even your diet meal may contain various unhealthy ingredients that can disrupt your efforts. Try opting for organic fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs from pasteurized chickens, and grass-fed meats. Moreover, standing up and cooking your own meals can also help you shed much calories. Standing for an hour can help you burn an extra 50 calories.

Cook your meals

Lymph Massage: Studies show that approximately 80% of overweight women have sluggish lymphatic systems. Getting yourself a lymph massage is unusual ways to lose weight. It can help in pushing up to 78% of stagnant lymph back into proper circulation. This results in an increased lymph flow and helps in weight loss. A cleansed lymphatic system can also help in absorbing nutrients, increasing the metabolism, and reducing the cravings.

Avoid White Foods: Most of the people find it difficult to choose what to eat and what not to eat. Avoiding white foods is an easy way to cut out nutrition-depleted foods. White foods such as white sugar, white salt, white flour, and white rice are highly processed foods that can cause type II diabetes. Fluctuations in the glucose levels of the body can be one of the main reasons for your inability to lose weight.


Stop Playing with your Phone or Watching TV while Eating: You may get carried away and indulge in overeating if you have your meals while watching TV or going through the Facebook stories. Many studies show a clear connection between gaining extra calories and distracted eating.

Take a Snap: Taking a snap of your food is one of the weird weight loss tricks that you can try. Instead of jotting down every morsel to understand your calories intake, try taking a picture of it. Studies show that visual account of your food may help in curbing your intake. When you look back at your photos, it will make you think twice before indulging again.

Take snap

Reaching Out for Spicy and Stronger-Smelling Foods: Denying calories does not necessarily mean denying intense aromas and flavors. However, research indicates that stronger aromas such as onion and garlic-infused dishes lead you to have smaller bites (5-10% decrease in intake per bite). Smaller bites mean you are more likely to feel fuller soon.

Use Blue and Black to Curb your Cravings: In earlier times, when humans used to hunt forage for foods, the colors black, blue, and purple were indicators of a food that is potentially toxic in nature. Therefore, our response to these colors makes them the perfect appetite suppressant. Eating on blue plates, or using a blue tablecloth, or keeping a blue light in your fridge are some of the bizarre weight loss tricks that can help you regain your control. You can also try lighting an aromatic vanilla candle after dinner. It can help in dampening your dessert cravings.

Blue plates

Brush Your Teeth after Meals: Brushing your teeth after meals is one of the wonky weight loss strategies you can adopt. You might have noticed that eating something after brushing teeth does not taste good. Make sure to brush your teeth after every meal. It discourages the additional eating and signals the brain that the mealtime is over.

Brush your teeth

You may find these unconventional weight loss tactics a little odd. But adopting these nifty ideas can be quite effective in enhancing your weight loss efforts.